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introductions and something in november

Hello! My name is Alina and I am indoor elephant.

I am a queer, Vietnapino (that's Vietnamese and Filipino hehe), 18 year old college undergrad in Cambridge, MA. My pronouns are mostly they/them but any work!

This is my gumroad! Here you will (eventually, hopefully) be able to find work that I put out, which may include things like zines, mini-comics, prints, pins, and stickers. As of now there is only one thing in the shop: my new poetry zine, Carried. This work was the recipient of one of the MICE Mini Grants for 2021 and is super personal to me. I hope you like it! It is currently available to preorder until November 1.

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More about me... I'm originally from the east bay of CA. I never match my socks (first by accident but it's become a personal goal out of spite). I do art - my favorite is ink but I've also done pencil, charcoal, a little watercolor, and some digital. I write poetry sometimes, mostly to jiggle things out of me that have been there too long. I share a birthday with Mitski. I am a silly little engineering student, so my other interests include autonomous robotics, deep learning, and astrophysics.

If you have questions about Carried or about me (or you just wanna say hi), you can email me at or DM me on Instagram @indoorelephant. I think that's all for now! take care as always <3

~ alina

check out my new work, Carried
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